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Let us introduce a collection of mammoth  ivory articles. The collection includes a variety of souvenirs, jewellery, interior decorations the biggest part of which can be attributed to outstanding pieces of art. Mammoth ivory is unique material used for high value works of art. It has been used for carving for thousands of years. Since the sale of elephant ivory has been banned, mammoth ivory is today used to make rare and valuable handcrafted pieces of art.

Ivory from the tusks of mammoths is unique, unparalleled material, much more enduring than elephant ivory. Its most prominent distinction is  the range of its colours. Throughout millenia, the tusks buried under the ground absorbed  minerals and gained splendid shades, varying  from pink and orange to brownish and purple.

This website introduces only a part of collection handcrafted from this splendid and unique material. The catalogue of this collection is constantly updated with new articles.


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